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pilates practioner, health fitness coach, motivator

Sylvia Favela is a Pilates Practitioner, Health Fitness Coach and Motivator. Having worked directly with hundreds of clients in Southern California and Worldwide for overa decade, transforming their lives from the inside out.

She opened her first Pilates Studio in Irvine, California in 2004. With over a hundred private clients, following quickly expanded to my local community in Chino Hills, California, where a second studio location was opened in Chino Hills in 2009. With the growth of popularity and demand, she moved into a bigger studio in 2012.

Having worked directly with rehabilitation, novice and high profile athletes, the demand for Sylvia’s expertise and programs were highly sought after. This is when she began to expand her reach by helping people worldwide live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle.

Having the experience to coach and mentor hundreds of men and women in improving their lifestyle with proper fitness programs, nutritional guidance, and motivational leadership with her unique approach, she continues on her mission to make an impact in the way people approach health and fitness.

Along with the passion for helping people, Sylvia has mastered many aspects of Health, Nutrition and Personal Development, including becoming BASI Comprehensive Certified Pilates Teacher in 2004, A Nationally Certified Sports Nutritionist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

It’s no surprise the calling as a Health and Fitness professional developed from growing up in a traditional Hispanic home where over indulging in food was normal. Well known and the fatty in the family. Sylvia seemed to have inherited the fat gene while her siblings were twigs.

With full effort to get in shape, she suffered a knee injury from years of improper running, later severely injuring the left shoulder in a horrific car accident. Lucky to be alive!

Although it wasn’t easy later on when she gained over 40 pounds during pregnancy, which resulted in excruciating lower back pain with slipped disc. The thought of ever being healthy and in shape seemed like a far-fetched idea.
Through years of trial and error through her own health and fitness journey, Sylvia has designed multiple Bodyweight Pilates programs, mobility programs, nutrition resources,

cookbooks and weight loss programs that have been used by thousands of private clients locally and worldwide. Sylvia mission is to use the knowledge, experience and skills she’s developed over the last decade and transform the lives of 2 Million Women Worldwide.

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