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Sylvia Favela is a Pilates Practitioner, Health Fitness Coach and Motivator. Having worked directly with hundreds of clients in Southern California and Worldwide for overa decade, transforming their lives from the inside out.

Having worked directly with rehabilitation, novice and high profile athletes, the demand for Sylvia’s expertise and programs were highly sought after. This is when she began to expand her reach by helping people worldwide live a Healthier, Active Lifestyle.

Having the experience to coach and mentor hundreds of men and women in improving their lifestyle with proper fitness programs, nutritional guidance, and motivational leadership with her unique approach, she continues on her mission to make an impact in the way people approach health and fitness.

  • “What A Transformation”

    Being over 45 years old, I never thought I would have abs again. Now I can finally see them! I have more energy, I feel stronger, I’ve transformed my body and more active than I ever have been.

    Stacey H.
  • “I’m Full of Life!”

    I’ve lost 18 lbs and counting. My family saw me for the first time in months and they were impressed with how much weight I lost. I have more energy and my life has changed. I haven’t missed a day of work for sickness. I am full of life.

    Esmeralda T.
  • “I honestly love working out.”

    I am proud of myself and I honestly love working out. It makes me feel good and being conscience on eating healthy. Thinking back at what I weighed back then. I feel great. Seeing myself continuing on my accomplishments makes me feel good.

    Brigette V.
  • “Most of all I FEEL stronger and more healthy.”

    I have lost weight! Not quite sure how much because my weight fluctuated by a few lb anyway, but it’s at least 4lb, possibly 6 or 7 if you go from the highest it was before. Anyway, I am excited because it has been so hard to get any weight to shift, for ages! Most of all I FEEL stronger and more healthy. I can see a difference in my arms too. What a lovely start to my day!

    Nikki D.
  • “My hips thank you!”

    My hips thank you, I no longer have a limp and can sleep through the night because my body aches have gone away!! I am glad you are who you are and thankful for you every morning when I can physically get out of bed! Thank you my friend.

    Alma N.
  • “I like that you focus on technique and not just how fast you go.”

    I’m so glad to have found your programs! I am a mom in my early 30’s, but have been struggling with ups and downs in my weight since I was 20. I bought one of the programs just to try and am already noticing a difference in one week. I’m addicted!! I like that you focus on technique and not just how fast you go. Also, I love you’re a REAL down to earth mom like myself and weren’t always super fit or your ideal body weight. It gave me more faith that you know what you’re doing. Your story of how you got here makes a real connection with women and moms.

    Jenn L.
  • “Pilates, anyone can do it!!”

    I’m encouraging everyone whom wants to give Pilates a try – no matter what your body “type”…to GO FOR IT! Because if a 44 year old physically disabled woman can do it and lose 20lbs in the consistent attempt process of attempting to master Pilates, then anyone can!!

    Tracy L.
  • I am thankful for you, for all your energy and good advice. God bless you with all the best.

    Lucia R.

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