Another Year Another Wrinkle

Happy 44th Birthday to me ? Another year, another wrinkle and I LOVE it!!

Having lived through quite a few experiences thus far, I want to share the…

7 Truths of a 44 year old

  1. Embrace the WEIRD – just because you look at life differently doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I’ve been told number of times I’m “weird”. It’s taken me years, but now I fully embrace it and laugh at myself. So if you hang around me long enough I’ll get you laughing for no reason at all.
  2. Speak your TRUTH – as I now surround myself with older clients +65 and up. One thing I admire is their truth, they tell you how it is. “No one has time to waste, say what you mean”
  3. HEALTH – take it seriously. Exercise and move daily. be mindful of what you put in your body. Food, supplements, beauty products, men, (yes I said men, ladies this is important) It ALL affects your state of mind and health. Which spills over to everything single thing in life. It matters!
  4. LOVE – it hurts but you’ll survive. It is the greatest energy and power that ever existed. The empath in me will always look for the good in everything and everyone even though it may turn around and bite me in the ass. It is my truth and will keep Love in my heart.
  5. CIRCLE – In my 20s it mattered how many friends I had, in my 30s it mattered to keep up with everyone. Now in my mid-40s the only thing that matters is ME. As long as I cut out who people and things that don’t help me grow I’m a better mother, coach and influence to others. So be mindful of who and where your attention goes.
  6. IN THE END – it’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. Putting on a show is easy. Going to bed at night knowing you did all you could to help the human race, make an impact and be the best version of you, well then life is much happier and simpler.
  7. GRATITUDE – without it life will be a challenge. So, be grateful for a beating heart, the sun that shines and the air we breath. It’s life’s simplicities that make for a life well lived.

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